Friday, February 25, 2011

A Daily Serving of Fashion Accessory Trends from NY2YOU…………………..

Welcome to my Introductory Blog!

Living in the heart of NYC, I see first hand how quickly fashion changes, literally from day to day!
To keep up, it takes nothing more than a fabulous accessory to update any outfit and bring a fresh new look to it.

Living and working in the fashion industry in NYC, I’ve learned a few tricks and would like to share with you!

Fashion accessories have always been important, but even more-so today. Due to the economy today, the most cost-effective way of updating a look is not necessarily buying a new outfit but buying a new fashion accessory to update the one you already own.
This in itself can change the total look.

By accessorizing at an affordable price, you can keep right up there with the look of an expensive runway accessory piece. We all remember…."You don’t have to spend a million to look like one"! Well, that is absolutely true.

NY2YOU offers a selection of many of the newest trendy accessories which will keep you up-to-date in style without breaking the bank!

I’ve put together a selection, which is pictured below, of western influenced accessories combined with bright bold accessories that are both major components for Spring/Summer 2011.

~Silk blend scarves in fabulous fun colors can be worn in many ways from head to neck to belt.

~Bangle Bracelets in bight color wood or funmetal floral prints can be worn alone or you can stack them!

~Earrings either Tribal or Boho Beads are dangle and long.

~Belt is Morrocan Boho-Style with faux leather connecting discs great for both western as well asPrairie!

~Necklace with Long Chain with Bright Bold Color Discs.
~Distressed Denim Headband with Side Bowand Rhinestone Trim

~Rings have bold bright colors along with white.

~Flexible Bangle Bracelet, silver tone with Boho Turq Bead and adjustable chain closure.

~Brooch/Pin Bold Bright Color enamelStarburst with color rhinestones.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed my introductory blog and invite to my website to see all my fabulous affordable fashion accessories.

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  1. I love the scarf! I've been looking for cute summer skinny scarfs