Friday, March 4, 2011

A Daily Serving Of Fashion Accessory Trends from NY2YOU…………………………..

Welcome all!

Strolling down the streets of New York it is quite evident that although temperatures still linger in the 30’s and 40’s we anxiously await the arrival of Spring!

Everyone is ready to shed their heavy winter clothing for the fabulous styles of SPRING that await us that are featured in all the store windows.

From the simplest of styles to the more intricate……all have one thing in common, they are adorned by FABULOUS FASHION ACCESSORIES. These accessories individualize each and every outfit and truly enhance the outfit’s total look.

The many different trends that have emerged for Spring 2011 are stated in the fashion accessory that is worn!

A Fashion Accessory does make a trend statement!

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Pictured below, is a group of trendy Spring 2011 Fashion Accessories.

~Necklaces….Big and Bold and makes a STATEMENT!  Vintage Silver Tone SPIKES……Big hanging CRYSTALS and RETRO!

~Bracelets….CHUNKY Silver Tone and PEARL CLUSTER embellishments.

~Earrings….Long Hanging MULTI CHAIN with large stone.

~Rings….Triple Finger with stones STACKABLE LIKE Jewl tones and Big & Bold ABSTRACT as well.

~Headbands….JEWEL TONE CRYSTAL florals on double wire.

Solid Stretch TURBAN HEADBANDS with Flower and Feathers.

~Hair Clips/BROOCH….Satin ROSE with FEATHER on an ALLIGATOR clip and pin to be worn as a brooch too!

Hope you enjoyed our blog and we invite you to visit our website NY2YOU.COM to see all my fabulous affordable fashion accessories!

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